Big East respect tops Week 3 mailbag

I am beginning to feel unloved, guys. Hardly a comment in the mailbag! Does this mean you agree with everything I say? That I'm doing a great job? You like me! You really like me!

I know that cannot be true based on the comments you leave on the blog posts I write. So drop me a line. I promise, I don't bite -- unless you tell me to get my rear back in the kitchen. Then I may get a little feisty.

BE Fan from Cathedral, Calif., writes: I have often wondered how the Big 10 and Big 12 are rated with more respect and higher statistical numbers. The Big East has had six of eight teams fighting for its conference title (75%), while the Big 10 has had five to six teams (around 50%), and the Big 12 has had basically four to five (much less than 50%) who vie for their yearly championship. And I don't buy the answer that the Big East is mediocre--until Cincinnati's 2 year run of superior coaching, our conference, and especially WVU held its own in BCS bowl games.

Andrea Adelson:Oh, BE Fan. If only a wide variety of conference champions would make the Big East relevant. Nobody is arguing that the league hasn't had its fair share of representatives. The problem is once it gets outside conference play, everyone seems to start laying eggs. The Big East has yet to win a game against another automatic qualifying conference this year. Cincinnati has now dropped games against a non-AQ (Fresno State) and NC State last night. Did the Bearcats somehow forget how to play football under Butch Jones? Let's not forget the embarrassment of the Sugar Bowl against the Gators, too. How about Pittsburgh, which also lost to a non-AQ in Utah? Rutgers nearly lost to FIU! No Big East team has gotten into the national championship game -- not even an undefeated one last season. Until the Big East starts proving it has several dominating teams, the league is going to get no respect.

BuckEm from Columbus, Ohio, writes: Andrea, who let you out of the kitchen?

Andrea Adelson: BuckEm, who says I was let out of the kitchen? My baked ziti is pretty awesome.

Corey of Baton Rouge writes:"You never have the same team two weeks in a row." - Lou Holtz. Then why is everyone holding Boise State to a different standard? Anyone who knows anything about football should be able to tell that the VA Tech team that lost to Boise St. was not the same team that lost to James Madison. The same people who say that only teams who consistently win against top opponents should play in the national championship don't want a playoff, which would, surprise!, reward the most consistent team. Come on! When will the hypocrisy end?! What does Boise have to do? I am becoming disheartened by the whole system.

Andrea Adelson: Corey, you are just starting to become disheartened? Where have you been, my friend? This system has been rewarding the power teams since it began. Oh yes, Bill Hancock can talk about the BCS opening up doors once closed to teams like Boise State and Utah. That is very true. But it still hasn't opened up the biggest door of all -- getting into a national championship game. Unfortunately, perception is reality in college football, and the perception that Boise State is not as tough compared to the power conferences because of its schedule is going to remain the prevailing point of view.

I don't know what more Boise State can do, except win. It tries to play tough nonconference opponents. Getting into the Mountain West next year will help, but I don't know if that will make a huge enough difference. This year is the litmus test. I hope fans keep an open mind throughout the year so we can evaluate the body of work at the end for all teams. Nobody knows what a team like Boise State or TCU would do in a championship game if given an opportunity, and anybody who thinks they do is flat-out wrong.