Three-point stance: Spaziani's tough decision

1.Boston College coach Frank Spaziani said Sunday that he will replace starting sophomore quarterback Dave Shinskie this week against Notre Dame. Spaziani must decide whether to start sophomore Mike Marscovetra or commit to the offense’s real future, freshman Chase Rettig. Shinskie, the 26-year-old former minor leaguer, has been a disappointment. But don’t forget -- not only did he bail out a team that had no talent at quarterback last year, he led the Eagles to an 8-5 record. That’s worth something.

2.Let’s hear it for the state of New York! Army and Syracuse are both 3-1, the first season that both teams have started that well since 1993. You may say that the Orange has beaten two FCS teams, and that the Black Knights have beaten three teams that went a combined 7-29 last season -- and are 2-10 this season. And you would have a good point. But October isn’t even here yet. Let them throw their parades.

3.Let’s hear it for Washington State! The Cougars led USC, 7-0. OK, so it was the first quarter, and the Trojans needed exactly 15 seconds to erase the deficit. Still, that’s the first time the Cougars have led the Trojans by at least a touchdown in eight years. Wazzu has lost 19 consecutive conference games, which is no surprise. It is a surprise that USC is 4-0 and ranked only 18th. The Trojans no longer own the benefit of the pollsters’ doubt.