Terps hang on against Duke

Maryland is 4-1 heading into its bye week after a 21-16 win against Duke.

Repeat: Maryland has won four games. That's twice as many as it did last year and two wins shy of bowl eligibility. Rejoice, Maryland fans, rejoice. Just don't get too carried away -- Maryland didn't exactly dominate the Blue Devils. Instead, the Terps had to climb out of a 9-0 hole and were outgained in total yards (399-294). Still, it's progress, and Maryland is heading in the right direction. Tony Logan continues to impress in the return game and Maryland is even better when everything is clicking for Danny O'Brien and Torrey Smith is healthy. The competition is only going to get tougher with a road trip to Clemson looming, but if there's one team in the ACC Maryland has figured out how to beat (somehow), it's Clemson.