Missouri breaks the seal, Huskers answer

LINCOLN, Neb.--Before Missouri's last drive, neither team had converted a third down.

Long drives are pretty impossible without them, but Missouri converted four on a 12-play, 78-yard drive that brought the Tigers to within 24-14 after taking a Husker haymaker in the first quarter.

No conversion was bigger than the last one, when Missouri sent slot receiver T.J. Moe in motion and completed a 23-yard touchdown pass over the middle to the sophomore.

Just when Missouri looked like it might turn the corner with Nebraska star Taylor Martinez on the bench and the offense finding a rhythm, flashes of the first quarter resurfaced once again from the Huskers.

Roy Helu Jr. took a shotgun handoff and sprinted through the middle of Missouri's defense for a 53-yard touchdown -- his shortest of the day -- to put the Huskers back up by three possessions with a 31-14 lead.