Boise State, TCU, Auburn in Friday Mailbag

I really wanted to make it through a mailbag without one TCU or Boise State comment, but that is just impossible. It’s all anyone wants to talk about, as they should. This is a great year for the non-AQs. So I am trying to avoid being repetitive and will print the comments that present something new. Or something I have not printed in the last two weeks anyway. Check the Wednesday mailbag for why I haven't moved Boise State into the title game yet, and what could happen if Auburn loses.

Please keep your thoughts coming. I can’t answer them all, but I do read them all!

Chris in Washington, D.C., writes: There has been so much talk of "settling the SEC vs. Non-AQ" question. Have people forgotten completely about Utah's beat down of SEC powerhouse Alabama in the 2008 Sugar Bowl? Einstein once said that "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," (or something along those lines). Every time we put a Non-AQ team into a BCS bowl game and have them play one of "the big boys" they win. After the game is over we all comment on how lucky the non-AQ school was, how many trick plays they ran, and if they had to play it all over again the bigger school would win 9/10 times. Should I be surprised that we're still asking the same questions, or has the status-quo driven us all to insanity?

Andrea Adelson writes: It’s not insanity, Chris. It’s denial. Those who criticize the non-AQ teams refuse to give them credit even when they beat the likes of Oklahoma, Alabama and Oregon. The power team is usually blamed for “losing” the game rather than the non-AQ winning it. If a non-AQ plays for and wins the national championship this year, you can bet that rationale will be in full play again. Because after all, these teams only have to “get up for one game a year.”

Mark Johnson in Mobile, Ala., writes: Are you crazy? It is bad enough that women have now made it off the sidelines and have chat rooms or TV time. But for you to say that Auburn is going to lose and not make it to the BCS is questionable. Who beats them and why? My predictions Auburn 35, Alabama 17 and Auburn 42, South Carolina 23.

Adelson writes: Maybe I’m crazy like a fox, have you thought of it that way? I usually do my predictions the week of games, but since you asked so nicely, I have Alabama beating Auburn 31-28. Julio Jones is going to have a great day, and Cam Newton will be slowed enough. I still have Auburn in the Sugar Bowl, though I am wavering on who I think will win the SEC title.

Lane in Honolulu writes: I live in Hawaii and follow the Warriors, the WAC and all of college football. I was in the Bay Area on vacation last week and took in the Oregon-Cal game, the result of which only further demonstrates why we need a national championship playoff system. Notes: Oregon beats Cal 15-13 without a single touchdown drive … Nevada beat up on Cal 52-31 ... Hawaii beat Nevada 27-21 and Fresno State 49-27 ... Boise State beat Hawaii 42-7. Hawaii physically dominated both the Wolf Pack and the Bulldogs, but were themselves dominated by the Broncos. Your thoughts?

Adelson writes: Wow, that is a lot of connecting the dots. But the result of that game is just one teeny example of why we need a playoff. The most glaring -- leaving undefeated teams out when it comes to getting a chance for a national championship. Auburn fans, you know how that feels.

Jared in Greenville, N.C., writes: In all the publicity about the non-AQ best players, one name never gets mentioned: East Carolina WR Dwayne Harris. He is easily one of the most electric players in college football and never gets any of the credit he deserves. In multiple games this year he has taken a beating and has always come back into the game to make an amazing play. Please just give Dwayne or as we call him in Pirate Nation, "Superman," just some of the credit he deserves.

Adelson writes: Harris has had an excellent year, no question. He leads Conference USA with 879 yards receiving, and nine touchdowns, and is also second in the country with a catch in 41 straight games. Plus, he is third in the league in all-purpose yards with 1,666.

David in Omaha writes: What do you think about Hawaii football to the Mountain West, and if this definitely means TCU is leaving.

Adelson writes: It’s good for the Mountain West either way, but I don’t think this means TCU is definitely leaving. If TCU does leave for the Big East, then the Mountain West is in good position with the addition of Hawaii. If TCU stays, then the league is strengthened and could potentially add one more to get to 12 teams. TCU still has to decide if it wants to be football only in the Big East.

Marcus in Salt Lake City writes: What programs do you think might be interested in Brady Hoke this offseason after what he's done at San Diego State?

Adelson writes: Hoke’s name has already surfaced in connection with the openings at Minnesota and Colorado, and he is reportedly high on the Golden Gophers’ list. Hoke has already said he intends to remain with the Aztecs, that he didn’t sign up to be there for two years. But as other jobs become open, you can bet his name will continue to come up. We’ll see what he ultimately decides to do.