Q&A: Boise State safety Winston Venable

I wrote about Boise State this week and had a chance to catch up with safety Winston Venable for the story. Here is a little of what he had to say:

How is the team handling to loss to Nevada?

Venable: I don’t think anything has changed on the perception we have. We have one of the best teams in the country. We weren’t the best team on Friday night, that’s what we know. We didn’t play the best of our capabilities and Nevada played good. We’re over it. We’ve got Utah State and if we don’t handle business against Utah State, things won’t be how we wanted them to be or how they could be.

Did not playing in a close game since September have an impact in the second half?

WV: I don’t think that much. I was playing about 35, 40 snaps. Against Nevada, I had 85 snaps. Maybe I was a little tired, but if it comes down to it, you’ve got to handle business no matter what the circumstances are, weather, conditioning, whatever adversity or whatever you’re put into. Great teams handle that and adjust. It might have played a small factor, but you can’t take that back. We’re not going to condition any more because we haven’t played in second halves of games or the fourth quarters of games. … It’s unfortunate that we lost, but I don’t want to say it was because we haven’t been in a tight game.

How long did you give yourself to get over the loss?

WV: You don’t want to dwell on things. You don’t want to have your mind stuck on a negative attitude. It’s harder for some of these other guys, going five years and only lost a couple of games. I’ve done my fair share of losing through junior college and high school, but more than anything for me, I’m living my dream. Football is a crazy sport and crazy things happen. You have to reload and get ready for the next one.

How does it feel knowing the BCS system in place means one loss cost you a chance at a bigger bowl game?

WV: The situation we’re put in as far as playing in the WAC, we can’t afford to lose games if we want to try to get into the BCS games or national title games. We know we’re not allowed to lose games, but when you look at this team, we’re a good team and I think we can play any bowl game there is. It’s unfortunate you have these games and you see rankings of two-loss teams in those top 10 rankings. I’ll tell you right now we should still be in there with that group. Because we play in the WAC and have one loss it hits us hard as far as yeah you might be able to go into a BCS game or a Kraft Bowl or Humanitarian Bowl. Basically it’s rough because I know we have solid team, and I think we can compete with anybody in the country.