3-point stance: Weather dampens bowl

1. The New Era Pinstripe Bowl seemed like a good idea. Playing a postseason game in the new Yankee Stadium reconnects college football to the days when Army and Notre Dame annually played in the House That Ruth Built. But the blizzard that arrived the same day that Kansas State and Syracuse should remind all of us that bowls are made for warmer climes. Or at least indoor ones, and not the New York Sheraton, where the Wildcats had a walkthrough Sunday instead of practice at Columbia. With luck and a few shovels, Yankee Stadium might be clear of snow by kickoff Thursday.

2. James Willis had been a protégé of Tommy Tuberville at Auburn. Tuberville lured him from Alabama by making him defensive coordinator at Texas Tech. On Sunday, Tuberville dumped Willis, six days before the Ticket City Bowl, for flirting with new Florida coach Will Muschamp. If every coach who trafficked in careerism got fired, no one would keep a job, which means Willis must have breached some sort of protocol. I hope for Willis’ sake that Muschamp hires him.

3. The two wild cards in any bowl are motivation and rust. The Independence Bowl on Monday should present a case study. Air Force and Georgia Tech run option offenses that depend on timing that can go awry after a month’s layoff. But the Falcons should have an edge in motivation. They are, after all, at a military academy. Georgia Tech, one year removed from a BCS bowl and playing with backup quarterback Tevin Washington (starter Joshua Nesbitt is doubtful), is set up to lose its sixth straight bowl game.