Settlement allows USF, Leavitt to move on

Almost a year to the day he was fired by South Florida, former Bulls coach Jim Leavitt and the school reached a settlement for $2.75 million on Tuesday night.

It's a hefty price tag, but Leavitt had been seeking to regain nearly $7 million that was left on his contract. He and his attorneys had planned a long, protracted fight that would have had Leavitt and the school air a lot of grievances in a public setting, which wouldn't have left either party looking good.

Now everybody can move on. The Bulls just completed a promising eight-win season under new coach Skip Holtz. Leavitt, who's been in coaching exile for a year, might now look less toxic to potential employees. Heck, even Joel Miller -- the player Leavitt was accused of grabbing at halftime of a 2009 game -- has moved on and played a key role in the team's win over Miami in November.

It's sad that things had to end this way between Leavitt and the program he built from scratch. But at least now this episode can be put to rest.