Three-point stance: NCAA travel woes

1.I’ll tell you one way that the BCS is like March Madness: No one in charge can read a map. Last January, Stanford played in Miami. UConn played in Glendale, Ariz. This week, Louisville and Morehead State play in Denver. Penn State and Temple play in Tucson. In what world does any of that make sense for the fans? UConn suffered a $1.66 million loss in the Fiesta Bowl. All the basketball scheduling shows is that the NCAA is so awash in money that no one has to care about geography. How is that a good thing?

2.BCS executive director Bill Hancock, speaking with me on the ESPNU College Football podcast, said Wednesday that he detects no movement among the commissioners of the six AQ conferences toward approving a plus-one. They lined up 4-2 against it in 2008. They’ll consider it again next year. What that means is that Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, the new kid on the block, isn’t interested in a plus-one. But his presidents never have been.

3.As I pointed out on the Big Ten blog Wednesday, Michigan coach Brady Hoke mentioned “tough” or “toughness” seven times in his news conference Tuesday. His definition, in part: “When you see guys finish blocks. When you see a defensive lineman take on a block, get off the block and chase the ball 40 yards down the field and get lined up, ready to go again.” That’s a great definition of why coaches value mental toughness as much as physical.