On the field, LSU rules supreme at home

April, 1, 2011
My interest was perked by the earlier post concerning the formula Football Outsiders came up with to measure home-field advantage in college football from 2003-10.

Using their formula, Mississippi State was the only team in the SEC to rank among the top 10 nationally.

Well, I heard from several of you, so I decided to go back and see what the actual home records were for SEC teams during that span. One thing I did differently was to look only at those games against SEC opponents and nationally ranked nonconference opponents.

It had to be a true home game, although I did include Arkansas’ games in Little Rock.

For the record, Mississippi State was tied with Kentucky at No. 10 in the SEC. Both were 11-23 (.323).

And as I suspected, LSU had the best record. The Tigers are 27-7 (.794) in Tiger Stadium over the last eight years against SEC foes and nationally ranked foes. Two of those losses were in overtime, and a third was in triple overtime.

Here’s a rundown, and again, these are the home records of all 12 SEC schools against league teams and nationally ranked teams from 2003-10:

1. LSU: 27-7 (.794)
2. Georgia: 22-9 (.710)
3. Florida: 21-9 (.700)
4. Auburn: 23-10 (.697)
5. Alabama: 22-12 (.647)
6. Tennessee: 21-13 (.618)
7. South Carolina: 18-17 (.514)
8. Arkansas:17-17 (.500)
9. Ole Miss: 14-18 (.437)
10. Kentucky: 11-23 (.323)
10. Mississippi State: 11-23 (.323)
12. Vanderbilt: 6-27 (.182)

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