3-point stance: A common sense tragedy

1.The 130-page investigation released Monday by Notre Dame found that no individual could be held responsible for the death of student videographer Declan Sullivan last October. Sullivan died because the hydraulic lift on which he stood recording practice tipped over in a 53-mph wind gust. Who needs 130 pages? As university executive vice-president John Affleck-Graves said, the “primary weakness” in how Sullivan ended up on the lift was a collective lack of common sense. That’s the saddest finding of all.

2.Auburn is suffering from a huge lack of experience. The small, non-contributing senior class is the result of former Tiger coach Tommy Tuberville and his staff signing classes in 2007and 2008 that produced more washouts than stars. Auburn is dealing with this three months after winning the national championship thanks in large part to the senior class that Tuberville signed in 2006. The Tigers’ recruiting fortunes turned in a hurry -- just as Nick Saban took over at Alabama.

3.The college game is not the same as the professional, yet the NCAA Playing Rules Committee has taken on two more NFL rules with the adoption of the 10-second runoff rule and a new definition of intentional grounding. I’d give back all of the NFL rules if the college game would adopt the overtime rules that the NFL uses in the playoffs. In a sport in which coaches preach the importance of the kicking game, no punting and no kickoffs has never made sense.