Blue turf unfair?

New San Diego State coach Rocky Long voiced a long-held opinion of many when he said this about Boise State on the Mountain West coaches spring conference call Tuesday:

"I think they ought to get rid of that blue turf. I think it's unfair."

The blue turf seems to be a topic of conversation every year. The Broncos installed it in 1986 as a way to generate some publicity. Well, that plan has worked and Boise State has trademarked the blue turf and will not allow another Division I school to use that color. Opposing fans mock it, and opposing coaches have said it is difficult to play on the field -- especially when the Broncos also wear blue uniforms. It is an unquestioned home-field advantage -- Boise State is 69-2 there since 2000 and never lost a WAC game at home. Will that streak continue when Boise State joins the Mountain West this season?

Long was later asked a follow-up question about why he was against the field. He said, "People think I’m crazy when I say this, but it takes a visiting team a while -- maybe a quarter or so to get used to it. You track the ball differently and everything else."

Boise State coach Chris Petersen was asked about the advantage of playing on blue turf. He said it was no different than when his team plays on a green field because they are so used to being on blue turf. But he did not discount having an advantage at Bronco Stadium.

"Certain places have a mystique that make it harder to play, whether it’s the stadium size or the ambiance of the stadium," he said. "If it’s an advantage, great."

The Broncos play San Diego State in San Diego on Nov. 19. Guess we will have to wait a year to see how the Aztecs do on the blue field.