BYU, Boise State in mailbag

Welcome to another edition of the mailbag. Keep your comments and questions coming! I try to answer all the mail that comes in, but you will have a better shot at getting a response if you leave the profanity out.

One correction before I start. I referred incorrectly to the injury that forced Miami (Ohio) quarterback Zac Dysert out for the 2010 season in a blog post earlier this week. Then-coach Mike Haywood initially announced Dysert had a rib injury but further tests showed a lacerated spleen. I apologize for the error. Thanks to Robert Jones in Santa Fe, N.M., for pointing it out.

Now on to some questions.

Christian Morrison in Salt Lake City writes: I know BYU has a brutal 2011 football schedule, but which game stands out as the most difficult? It would have to be at Texas, right? You think an undefeated BYU gets a nod at the title game?

Andrea Adelson: Great question, Christian. I would put that one at the top, because the Longhorns should be better this season. It is hard to see Mack Brown having two straight subpar years. TCU is going to be tough, too, because the defense should be just as strong as it always is, and the deep running game will help new starter Casey Pachall. I am torn on how difficult the Ole Miss game will be for the Cougars. The Rebels have all sorts of problems, especially at quarterback, and on paper BYU should be favored to win that game. It will be tough because openers are generally unpredictable, but I don't think it will be impossible to win that game.

Ben E. in Salt Lake City writes: In regards to Rocky Long's comment about Boise State's blue turf being an unfair advantage. This topic crops up every year or two. If the "advantage" is "blue uniforms on blue field", then why not Oregon? Just because Oregon's colors happen to be the same color of green as their field. Last time I checked, Oregon's field is actually a slightly darker shade of green than normal fields. There are many teams that have green-on-green, and it's not unfair. They just need to give opposing teams a couple of hours in their uniforms scrimmaging around before the game to get used to the field.

Adelson writes: I understand why coaches and fans dislike the blue turf, but I am not buying it. If you are the better team, you are going to win regardless of the turf. Is it an unfair advantage for the home team when it has a 100,000-seat stadium? Isn't there a reason it is called home-field advantage?

Doug Kelly in Mesa, Ariz., writes: What are your thoughts on Hawaii football this year? Do they have a legitimate shot at taking the WAC title with the departure of Boise?

Adelson writes: I do think the Warriors have a shot, mainly because Bryant Moniz and Corey Paredes return. Hawaii has to develop some receivers to replace Kealoha Pilares and Greg Salas, but Royce Pollard is back and some young guys showed flashes this spring. In this type of offense, I am more of the belief that the quarterback makes the receivers. Moniz is capable of doing that. Paredes developed into one of the best players in the WAC last season and could be the preseason pick for WAC defensive player of the year. There are plenty of holes to fill and questions to answer, but I am not downgrading Hawaii at this point.

Brian in Raleigh, N.C., writes: Why are all your articles UCF related? I am so tired of your biased reporting. You are working for ESPN now and not just the Orlando Sentinel. Could you please make sure you "share the wealth" around the nation? You are such a UCF homer.

Adelson writes: If by all you mean a small handful, then yes I am a blatant homer. Last I checked, UCF was a Top 25 team. That has nothing to do with where I live and where I previously worked. Covering 50-plus teams means that I am not going to hit on everybody every day or every week, and it also means that ranked and high-profile teams may get a little more coverage than somebody else. But I am doing my best to get everyone the information they want to read.