Non-AQ BCS money distribution

Several months ago, the BCS announced the non-AQs would receive a record $24.7 million to split among themselves. That may be a record, but it is a pittance compared to the $145 million that collectively went to the automatic qualifying conferences.

At the time, the non-AQs had not announced how the money would be divided. BCS chief Bill Hancock provided that information to me when I asked for it. The Mountain West got the bulk of the money, and rightfully so because it had TCU in the Rose Bowl. Here is the breakdown:

Mountain West: $12,746,183

WAC: $4,044,042

C-USA: $3,341,900

MAC: $2,639,758

Sun Belt: $1,937,617

Remember, the five non-AQ conferences decided they would split any BCS money earned among themselves, and they decided on a formula for the distribution. Compare that to the $21.2 million the ACC, Big East and Big 12 each received, and the $27.2 million the SEC, Big Ten and Pac-10 each received. Quite a disparity.

Here is what the five non-AQs earned in 2009-10, when there were two representatives in BCS games:

Mountain West: $9,878,710

WAC: $7,798,925

C-USA: $2,719,140

MAC: $2,139,355

Sun Belt: $1,559,570