BYU receiver briefly detained

Of all the recent stories I have read on athletes getting into trouble with the law, this one falls into the "you have got to be kidding me category."

By way of the Salt Lake Tribune, BYU receiver Cody Hoffman was briefly detained in Hurricane, Utah, yesterday for failing to pay a $90 speeding ticket in Provo. What happened was this: Hoffman was pulled over for a minor traffic violation near the Utah-Arizona border. It was then than the officer noticed a "failure to appear" warrant out for his arrest. The Provo City Justice Court had put out the warrant in the amount of $352.

Hoffman was booked and detained, but released shortly after posting the $352. His mother had paid $140 for the ticket and late fees in March, but likely had not known the amount of the ticket had gone up. Makes you wonder why nobody at the court thought to contact the Hoffmans to let them know they underpaid and still owed money.