3-point stance: A schedule with less bite

1. Keep an eye on Georgia. They open with Boise State in a “neutral-site” game at the Georgia Dome and then get South Carolina between the hedges. After that, Georgia’s four road games are against teams that had losing records last season. Georgia also doesn’t play Alabama, LSU or Arkansas, the top three teams in the SEC West. On schedule alone, the Dawgs have a clear path to return to national prominence.

2. It appears as if Ohio State caught a break Friday when the NCAA pretty much ignored all allegations against the Buckeyes save for the violations that the university admitted to in its own report. But that’s relative. Lest we forget, a head coach ignored NCAA violations committed by his players, then petitioned for them to remain eligible for a bowl game. That’s just not right. The NCAA should exact a price from Ohio State for the actions of its head coach, even if the school forced him out.

3. Are you like me? Are you trying to figure out the message when the Big 12 played the theme of “The Natural” Monday as commissioner Dan Beebe walked to the microphone at Media Days? Is the Big 12 at 10 teams a “natural” fit, even if the name doesn’t fit? Do they think Beebe will be shot by a crazed fan? Oh, wait. That was the book. And if Beebe is The Natural, who plays Wonderboy?