A&M recruiting in the SEC: What happens?

Part of the allure of a move to the SEC for Texas A&M is the hope that recruiting would improve. That may be the case. Some of the Aggies current recruits have spoken out in support of the move.

Others have remained silent.

There's no way we can talk to every national prospect in the 2012 class and beyond to gauge how a move to the SEC might affect their perception of Texas A&M, but it might be interesting to get a gauge of what fans think.

Dalton Santos, the nation's No. 1 inside linebacker, spurned the in-state Aggies with a commit to Tennessee, but he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that a move wouldn't change his decision.

"It wasn't the most important, but it was a major factor," Santos told the paper. "If you can be successful in the SEC, you can play on Sundays."

And if the Aggies moved?

"I don't think it would change my mind," he said.

But Santos is just one player, and a move from the Big 12 to the SEC would affect countless others. So if it happens, what do you think would occur?

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