NCAA denies appeal of FSU's Surrency

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Florida State receiver Corey Surrency's career has officially ended. Here is the official release from FSU:

The NCAA has notified Florida State University's compliance office that the final appeal made by football player Corey Surrency of the decision regarding granting him another year of eligibility has been denied. The result of the ruling means that he has exhausted his college eligibility.

"We are disappointed that Corey has lost his appeal, but I appreciate our administration going to bat for him," said head coach Bobby Bowden. "I hope that Corey can continue to play on the next level and we will do all we can to help him get that chance."

First, this isn't a huge surprise. I didn't get the vibe from folks in Tallahassee they were expecting the NCAA to budge on this one. Second, this rule failed Surrency, and instead of looking at in on a case-by-case basis, the NCAA looked at it in black and white. The rule, which states that if an athlete participates in an organized sport after his 21st birthday but before he enrolls in college, that year counts toward eligibility.

Surrency played one season with Tampa's Florida Kings, but if it weren't for that program, he probably never would have gotten back on track and enrolled in a community college and gotten the opportunity he did at Florida State. Instead of helping one of its "student athletes," stay a student, the NCAA just punished Surrency for taking the only route he knew to take to get into a school.