Mike London candidly talks expansion

Virginia coach Mike London had some interesting comments about expansion in college football beyond what we're seeing in the ACC. His take seemed to reflect that of rival coach Frank Beamer's Monday, as both have indicated their sense that this is far from over, and we're heading toward 16-team conferences. Check out what he had to say at his weekly news conference:

QUESTION: Back to expansion, do you think it's inevitable that the ACC will go to four 16 team super conferences? If so, do you think such a structure will be good for college football or bad?

MIKE LONDON: That's a great question -- whether it's inevitable. What's inevitable is that if you're not one of the teams that are involved in the, quote unquote, mega conferences that you want to get yourself aligned quickly. I don't have the answer as to what happens to a school that doesn't have an opportunity to do that and what the landscape of college football will look like.

Whether it's fair or not, again, I can't speak to that. I just know that in this day and time, schools are trying to align themselves not only with the fit academically but geographically and philosophy wise. There are all kinds of things that are being talked about, by the college presidents and athletic directors and the people that make those decisions.

I know that this whole thing is not over. Everyone will be looking to the TV and looking to see who's going to do what because there will be domino effects of what schools do and what they don't do. And truly, I'll be like you; I'll be learning like everybody else what happens. Hopefully the game of college football remains one of the best sports that young men can participate in. We'll see how that goes.