3-point stance: No solace for Toledo

1. In 1940, when Cornell received five downs to score and beat Dartmouth, 7-3, Cornell offered a forfeit and Dartmouth accepted. In 1990, when Colorado got five downs to beat Missouri, 33-31, Buffaloes coach Bill McCartney flat refused to offer a forfeit. Colorado went on to a share of the national championship. From selfless to selfish to a shrug: Syracuse beat Toledo, 33-30, because of an officiating error and both sides agree that NCAA rules don’t allow a remedy. A rule change may create more problems than it would solve. That’s little solace for the Rockets.

2. The matchup of Alabama coach Nick Saban versus Florida coach Will Muschamp, a former assistant to Saban at LSU, will gain a lot of attention as the No. 3 Crimson Tide prepares to play the No. 12 Gators. Keep this in mind: in his 16 seasons as an FBS head coach, Saban has lost 53 games. As far as I can tell, none of those losses came to a team led by a first-year head coach. That seems more relevant than the discussion of Saban losing to a protégé.

3. No. 7 Wisconsin has committed two turnovers in four games, No. 4 Stanford one turnover in three. What do they have in common? Savvy veterans running their offenses. The Badgers’ Russell Wilson, a fifth-year transfer from North Carolina State, has thrown one interception in an offense he didn’t really learn until August (freshman Joe Brennan threw the other pick). The Cardinal’s Andrew Luck has thrown one interception, which bounced off a Stanford receiver’s hand. Sometimes, it’s not what a quarterback does. It’s what he doesn’t do.