Sources: WVU's Big 12 invite arrives

West Virginia's on again, off again move to the Big 12 is back on again.

West Virginia, a member of the Big East Conference since 1995, was formally invited on Friday to join the Big 12.

Big East spokesman John Paquette confirmed that the Mountaineers have notified the conference of its intentions.

The Big 12 plans to remain at 10 schools.

On Wednesday, West Virginia was told that the Big 12's expansion plans were put on hold as Missouri's likely exit to the SEC had yet to become official. Additionally, reports indicated that some Big 12 members preferred to add Louisville over the Mountaineers.

On Tuesday, though, West Virginia officials were told it would be accepted into the league pending formal approval.

After getting the brakes applied, it looks as if the Big 12's expansion plans are back to full speed.