Three-point stance: Wildcat, BCS, QBs

Posted by ESPN.com's Ivan Maisel

1. News item: Florida is looking at putting cornerback Joe Haden into a Wildcat offensive set. Hello? Seems to me that the Gators already have a Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback. This strikes me as too clever by half. Is Indianapolis coach Jim Caldwell looking to spell Peyton Manning with a Wildcat formation featuring Joseph Addai or Marlin Jackson? No. You know why? Duh -- he has Peyton Manning.

2. Here's the clearest definition of the haves and have-nots in college football. The BCS paid slightly less than $23.2 million each to the Big 12 and Southeastern Conferences for putting two teams in BCS bowls last season. The BCS paid $225,000 to each of eight FCS conferences. That's not quite 1 percent of what the Big 12 and SEC received. The money doesn't look good when compared to the six-figure checks that individual FCS schools cash in those rent-a-victim games.

3. UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow thinks that redshirt freshman quarterback Kevin Prince has the tools to be a great quarterback. But Chow doesn't know if Prince "will pee down his leg" before his first college game against San Diego State. Chow used that same inelegant phrase six years ago to describe the USC sophomore he tapped to start the season opener at Auburn. Matt Leinart turned out pretty well.