Former FBI chief to lead Penn State probe

Penn State appears very serious about leading a thorough investigation into the sex-abuse scandal involving former football assistant Jerry Sandusky. On Monday morning, the school announced it has hired former FBI director Louis Freeh to lead the probe into what happened and who knew about it.

Penn State had already formed a special committee to conduct an investigation, chaired by trustee and Merck CEO Ken Frazier.

"We are committed to leaving no stone unturned to get to the bottom of what happened -- who knew what, when, and what changes we must make to ensure this doesn’t happen again," Frazier said. "And that means in any area of the university… not just the football program. No one, no one, is above scrutiny, including every member of the administration, every member of the Board of Trustees, and every employee of Penn State University."

Frazier stressed Freeh's independence and said he will have free rein to conduct his investigation. Freeh said he will go as far back as 1975 to search for Sandusky victims and information and will turn over any potential criminal activity he finds to the proper legal authorities.

"I am committed to ensuring that our independent investigation be conducted in a thorough, fair, comprehensive manner ... without any fear or favor," Freeh said. "We will examine all the relevant records, evidence, information and circumstances. We will attempt to interview all necessary and appropriate witnesses. ... We will also thoroughly study, review and test all of the university's policies, procedures, compliance and internal controls relating to the identifying and reporting of such sex crimes and misconduct."

Penn State has set up a hotline for people to provide information to the investigation. Those with any knowledge of the case can call 855-290-3382 or e-mail PSUhelp@freehgroup.com.

School officials have said they will release the findings of the investigation to the public when it is completed.