3-point stance: Rich Rod gets another shot

1.Rich Rodriguez’s offense has proven successful everywhere he has coached, including Michigan. After I was told last month that he would look at other jobs before Arizona, he called me to correct me and said he can recruit the speed there that he needs to run his scheme effectively. He will be coaching in a division that is begging for a team to lead it as USC descends into NCAA probation. Though the Wildcats’ facilities are outdated, the same goes for most of the Pac-12 South. It’s a smart hire by athletic director Greg Byrne.

2.An award should honor the season’s body of work. Somehow, Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden went from being a hot Heisman pick last week to not being one of three Davey O’Brien Award finalists this week. It could be that two of the three finalists -- Case Keenum of Houston and Robert Griffin III of Baylor -- are Texas quarterbacks. A significant number of Texas media vote for the Fort Worth-based award. For the record, I didn’t vote for Weeden, but I didn’t have him in my Heisman top three last week.

3.The Pac-12 South tiebreaker is slightly easier than physics. If Arizona State, Utah and UCLA finish 5-4 in league play, none holds a head-to-head advantage. The next tiebreaker is division record. If they finish tied at 5-4, Arizona State and Utah will be 3-2 in the South, and UCLA, at 2-3, would be eliminated. That means the Sun Devils, who beat the Utes, 35-14, on Oct. 8, would win. Since then, Arizona State is 1-4; Utah, 5-1. The Utes need California to win at Arizona State on Friday. So does the Pac-12.