Big East scenarios

November, 26, 2011
Here are the Big East scenarios for clinching conference titles and the BCS bid through Friday night. This could change after the games Saturday afternoon, but I figured you would want to know what has to happen for your team to make it through.

Remember, Rutgers is at UConn and Cincinnati is at Syracuse. Both games are at noon Saturday.

This is from the Big East office:

Cincinnati (at Syracuse; vs. UConn)
  • Would clinch BCS bid with two wins AND losses by Rutgers and West Virginia
  • Eliminated with any loss
Louisville (regular season complete)
  • Would clinch BCS bid with at least one loss by Cincinnati
Rutgers (at UConn)
  • Needs a win AND two wins by Cincinnati AND be higher ranked than Cincinnati and Louisville in final BCS standings
  • Eliminated with a loss
West Virginia (at USF)
  • Needs win against USF AND two wins by Cincinnati AND be ranked higher than Louisville and Cincinnati in the final BCS standings.
  • Eliminated with any loss
Remaining Possibilities

Two-way ties, and tiebreaker winner
  • Cincinnati-Louisville: Cincinnati (1-0)
  • Louisville-Rutgers: Louisville (1-0)
  • Louisville-West Virginia: Louisville (1-0)
Three-way ties
  • Cincinnati-Louisville-Rutgers: Highest-ranked in BCS (currently Rutgers)
  • Cincinnati-Louisville-West Virginia: Highest-ranked in BCS (currently West Virginia)
  • Louisville-Rutgers-West Virginia: Louisville (2-0)
Four-way tie
  • Cincinnati-Louisville-Rutgers-West Virginia: Higher-ranked between Louisville and West Virginia (currently West Virginia)



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