3-point stance: Rewriting the rulebook

1. NCAA president Mark Emmert is puzzled that the media hasn’t focused on the group’s reform movement, specifically the simplification of the NCAA manual. But even Emmert, speaking in New York on Wednesday at the IMG Intercollegiate Athletic Forum, compared the project to the rewriting the federal tax code. They have more in common than being too long. “We have a rule book,” Emmert said, “that is loaded with silly things.”

2. Arizona State took a lot of heat Wednesday for walking away from the altar with SMU head coach June Jones. Just as with a wedding, if neither side is absolutely sure, walk away before saying, “I do.” I keep thinking of Glen Mason going to Georgia for a week or so and then returning to Kansas, where his relationship was never the same. He left a year later for Minnesota. By the way, USC coach Lane Kiffin ranks second in seniority among Pac-12 South coaches. Rich Rodriguez of Arizona, at 17 days, ranks fourth.

3. Tulane is expected to announce Thursday that it will begin construction on an on-campus stadium, 37 years after it tore down its legendary home and moved to the Superdome. That news, which has been percolating for weeks, isn’t sitting well with the trustees of the University of Alabama, who are resisting entreaties from UAB to do the same. Not that Legion Field is dilapidated, but it has been mistaken by tourists for the Colosseum in Rome.