3-point stance: BCS postseason changes

1.Alabama offensive tackle Barrett Jones, on Trent Richardson's 34-yard touchdown down the left sideline -- Jones’ side of the field -- after 116 minutes of football against LSU this season: “We finally finished that drive. That was probably the most fun touchdown I’ve ever scored. Two games of frustration of not finding the end zone, just to seal the deal, that was a great feeling.”

2.Alabama won the first shutout in BCS bowl history and the Crimson Tide’s first bowl shutout since the 1963 Orange Bowl, a 17-0 victory over Oklahoma with President John F. Kennedy in attendance. That game was best known for All-American linebacker Lee Roy Jordan, who made 31 tackles in his final college game. This one will be known for Alabama allowing LSU only 92 total yards. The Tigers didn’t cross midfield until midway through the fourth quarter. The Alabama defensive tradition continues.

3.The BCS commissioners meet Tuesday in New Orleans to begin discussions of how to change the postseason. A plus-one will be discussed; a larger format is unlikely. The commissioners, many of whom have served on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Committee, are wary of the pitfalls (In a four-team seeded format this year, No. 4 Stanford would have made it; No. 5 Oregon, the Pac-12 champ that beat Stanford by three touchdowns, would not). Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson said Monday, “How can it work in all the other sports but it can’t work in college football?”