3-point stance: Stanford's midwest tour

1.Notre Dame’s series with USC and Stanford puts the Irish in the state of California every year. The Cardinal has followed suit by adding a two-year deal with Northwestern (2015-16) to the four years (2019-22) it already had scheduled with the Wildcats. Stanford will play near Chicago (Evanston/South Bend) in eight of nine years from 2014-22. Stanford athletic director Bob Bowlsby believes those games will be taken into account as the Pac-12 and Big Ten create the scheduling alliance announced a few weeks ago.

2.The NCAA presidents came out of their summit last year and announced that they wanted every student-athlete to receive up to $2000 of a student’s “full cost of attendance.” The blowback from have-not schools and a few haves has been considerable, and both sides are looking for a compromise. One possibility may make the grants need-based. The NCAA already has a nationwide need-based pool of funds. That would keep intact the (obsolete) philosophy of a level playing field.

3.What’s the power of one player? The legacy of former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III and his Heisman Trophy can be seen in the as-yet-unspecified contribution that former Astros owner Drayton McLane made toward the construction of a new facility to replace charmless Floyd Casey Stadium. Griffin’s impact on his program may be the largest since Doug Flutie played at Boston College in the mid-80s. And there’s a statue of Flutie outside Alumni Stadium. You have to believe there will be a statue of RG3 in Waco.