3-point stance: Urban Meyer's contract

1.Ohio State will pay Urban Meyer a bonus of $150,000 for going to a BCS bowl. Given that the Buckeyes have played in nine BCS bowls, more than any other program, that seems like a safe bet. That sounds like a lot of money for doing what Ohio State is paying him $4 million annually to do. On the other hand, it’s a bonus of less than 4 percent. That’s the head-shaking news here: a bonus of $150,000 is less than 4 percent of a head coach’s salary.

2.Bob Stoops complained to the Daily Oklahoman on Monday that the Sooners play more night games (18 in 2010-11) than any team in the Big 12. The Sooners’ opener at UTEP will kick off at 9:30 p.m. CT. As someone who applauds marquee schools that take road trips to play lesser lights, I’m not going to say that’s what Oklahoma gets for going to El Paso. The Sooners could always start losing -- Kansas played only 10 night games in 2010-11. But that solution may not be palatable, either.

3.Former Michigan All-American and 1947 Heisman runner-up Bob Chappuis died Thursday at age 89. Chappuis achieved something more rare than winning the Heisman. He made the cover of Time, one of only 17 college football-related covers in the magazine’s 89 years. Red Grange graced the first, in 1925, and Alabama coach Bear Bryant the most recent, back in 1980. In fact, Bryant has been the only college football cover subject in the past 46 years. Odd, don’t you think?