3-point stance: Lattimore at 100 percent

1. It seems to me that the Heisman buzz about South Carolina tailback Marcus Lattimore is overshadowing an even more spectacular accomplishment -- Lattimore is able to play at full speed not even 10 months after he ripped up his knee. Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier said Wednesday evening that Lattimore is wearing a light brace and will wear it for the first two or three games. “He’s cutting,” Spurrier said. “He’s cutting on both legs. There’s no limp. There’s nothing. He’s 100 percent right now.”

2. ESPN has revealed Nos. 11-25 in our preseason power rankings. What struck me is that four of them -- No. 18 TCU, No. 19 Virginia Tech, No. 21 Nebraska and No. 24 Boise State -- have changed conferences in the past decade. West Virginia, which is starting in the Big 12 this season, likely will be in the top 10. But other than that, the top teams in college football all have stayed put. Draw your own conclusions. Mine? The powers that be didn’t need to change.

3. Pittsburgh, which will play in the Big East while recruiting for its move to the ACC, is shifting its footprint ever so slightly toward Virginia and Maryland. Western Pa. and northeastern Ohio will remain the Panthers’ base, coach Paul Chryst said. “We don’t really know the impact of us going to the ACC,” Chryst said. “You can try to project it. But we really don’t know. There was more interest this spring when we went into some of those areas. Whether that translates into getting guys, we’ll see.”