3-point stance: Tyler Wilson can prove value

1. Since Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson left at halftime of the Louisiana-Monroe game on Sept. 8 with a concussion, having staked the Razorbacks to a 21-7 lead, they have scored 10 points and allowed 79. They have dropped from No. 8 to a punch line, head coach John L. Smith has lost what following he had among Hog fans, and Wilson has called out his team for quitting. If Wilson leads Arkansas past Rutgers on Saturday, he will prove himself the most valuable player in college football.

2. Kansas head coach Charlie Weis has made his reputation on offense, but the biggest improvement the Jayhawks have shown in their first three games under Weis is on the other side of the ball. Kansas might be 1-2, but the Jayhawks have allowed 25 points or fewer in each of their first three games. That’s not damning with faint praise. It’s the first time that Kansas has pulled that off since the first three games of the 2009 season.

3. Bad enough that BYU suffered its second emotionally wrenching loss in five days, a 7-6 defeat at Boise State in which the Cougars' defense pitched a shutout. But here’s where you wonder whether BYU made the right move in going independent. The Cougars don’t have a conference race on which to refocus. True, Notre Dame has lived like this forever. But the Irish have more long-term rivalries in their schedule. Let’s see if BYU, 2-2 with no BCS bid or championship in sight, remains motivated as the season continues.