Lattimore goes down with a knee injury

All of college football is holding its breath right now and hoping the knee injury to Marcus Lattimore isn’t as bad as it looked Saturday on replays.

Lattimore, who fought back from a torn ACL in his left knee last season, suffered a gruesome looking injury to his right knee in the first half of South Carolina’s game against Tennessee. He was carted from the field with a towel over his head and hands covering his face.

You’d have to look long and hard to find a more respected player in the college ranks than Lattimore, who is as classy off the field as he is rugged on the field.

That respect was on full display Saturday when both teams spilled out onto the field and surrounded Lattimore before he was taken back to the locker room. Tears were flowing everywhere, and it was heartbreaking to see his mother, Yolanda Smith, there in the end zone tunnel waiting on Lattimore and being consoled by family members.

Immediately, coaches and players all over the country -- from LSU’s Les Miles, to Clemson’s Sammy Watkins, to Auburn’s Tre Mason, to former teammates Alshon Jeffery and Melvin Ingram -- took to Twitter to express their sadness and send prayers and best wishes Lattimore’s way.

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said leaving the field at halftime that there was no report yet on the injury, but said it looked severe.