3-point stance: No need to panic in Norman

1.Before anyone panics regarding Bob Stoops and the fact that Oklahoma has lost two home games for the first time in his 14 seasons, a few items to think about. First, the Sooners lost to No. 2 Kansas State and No. 3 Notre Dame. Second, Stoops had won all 14 previous games at home when he coached against ranked opponents. Third, while he has lost three of his last seven home games, that made his Memorial Stadium record plummet to, uh, 79-5.

2.Perhaps you noticed how, at the end of each of the first three quarters Saturday night, Notre Dame had the ball and let 20-30 seconds expire in each case. In the wake of the BCS race beginning to crystallize around the top four, I couldn’t help but think about a game between Oregon or Alabama, Notre Dame and Kansas State. The Ducks average 82 offensive plays per game. The other three average fewer than 70. What a match of philosophies the Ducks and any of the others would be.

3.My friend Mark Blaudschun of ajerseyguy.com pointed out that with four undefeated teams at the front of the BCS race, we will spend November hoping that two of them -- and not more -- lose. But two years from now, when the four-team playoff is in place, we would spend November hoping that they remained undefeated. That would be more fun, wouldn't it? The playoff is growing on me.