Three-point stance: Tranghese's new gig

Posted by ESPN.com's Ivan Maisel

1. Former Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese is a smart man. He found a way to save the conference from extinction after the ACC raided it, and he saved the Big East’s automatic BCS bid. The Memphis Commercial Appeal has reported that Memphis has hired Tranghese to advise it on moving into an automatic-bid conference. If Tranghese figures that out, forget the College Football Hall of Fame. I’d nominate him for a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

2. Ohio State fans are grumbling about the offense after the 18-15 loss to USC. They’re just figuring this out? When has Jim Tressel had an explosive offense in his eight-plus seasons in Columbus? He has won largely with defense, special teams and field position. Maybe the difference is that Ohio State has lost six straight to top-5 teams. If that’s a whiff of coach fatigue in the air, Buckeye fans need to chill.

3. Andy Staples of SI.com and I realized this last night, so I am letting you know. Based on a three-week sample, at every game you attend this season, the band is going to play Michael Jackson songs. And Jackson Five songs. It may get old, and it may get old quickly. But props to the Miami band for pausing in the middle of "Thriller" to perform the "Thriller" dance. A nice touch.