Twittercast: Sooners settle for field goal

Texas A&M leads 7-3 with a little under seven minutes remaining after a Sooners field goal.

ESPN CollegeFootball (‏@ESPNCFb): More of a slow burn, comparatively, the #Sooners score on their opening drive too. But held to a FG after getting stopped at the 1yd line

Big 12 blogger David Ubben ‏(@davidubben): To summarize: OU declined a penalty for 1.5 yards and lost a down. Tried to throw from a power formation. Then a false start. Three

SoonerNation's Brandon Chatmon (‏@BChatmon): critical play coming up, this great answer won't mean much if #sooners have to settle for FG

Ubben (‏@davidubben): Zero reason why Oklahoma shouldn't just go Belldozer three times here and try to get it. Two more attempts left.

Ubben ‏(@davidubben): Jalen Saunders helping make some magic happen there. What a block to buy 5-10 extra yards.

SoonerNation's Jake Trotter (‏@Jake_Trotter): OU offensive line doing its job. Landry having time, and Sooners running it effectively.

Ubben ‏(@davidubben): Good Landry winning the battle inside No. 12's helmet on this drive. Not asking him to do a lot yet, but he looks comfortable, solid.