3-point stance: Confirming suspicions

1. I’m trying real hard to give NCAA president Mark Emmert credit for throwing out evidence gathered outside of the organization’s self-determined rules in the Miami case. But Emmert is the same guy who took such glee in decimating Penn State last year even though no one who has ever read the NCAA Manual can find an NCAA rule that the university broke. The worst part: Emmert’s announcement Wednesday confirms the suspicions of the NCAA’s worst critics.

2. You gotta love Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich. Even if Cardinal coach Charlie Strong had no intention last month of leaving his first head coaching job, Jurich made the calculated decision that he didn’t want to lose Strong. With Louisville poised on the edge of the top 10 and one year away from moving to the ACC, Jurich ignored the fact that Strong has had only one great season and opened the Louisville’s wallet. Strong’s salary, reported at $3.7 million annually through 2020, is the seventh-highest in the FBS.

3. You also gotta love how the Mountain West has emerged from the last five years in a stronger position. The league has seen its highest-profile member (BYU) leave and got raided by the Pac-12 (Utah) and the Big East (San Diego State, Boise State). Now the league has the latter two schools back and has carved up enough of the WAC to have 12 teams and a championship game. This looks like an interesting conference for years to come.