Big East vs. the BCS in 2012

You guys know as well as I do that the Big East gets ragged on constantly for being the weak sister among the big conferences.

You also know that pundits tend to ignore facts when making these broad-based assumptions.

So with that in mind, I present to you the Big East's nonconference record in 2012 against teams from automatic qualifying conferences and Notre Dame, compared to the other BCS leagues.

SEC: 14-9

Big 12: 9-6

Pac-12: 8-8

Big East: 10-11

Big Ten: 8-14

ACC: 9-19

As you can see, the Big East did well enough. Of the 10 wins, six were against bowl teams or teams that finished with winning records. Of the 11 losses, 10 came to bowl teams or teams with winning records.

But perhaps an even bigger point of pride should be this: The Big East was the ONLY BCS league to post a winning record vs. the SEC, going 4-1 in 2012. Compare that to the miserable 2-6 showing the ACC had against the SEC, and there is reason once again for Big East fans to be up in arms that its league does not have the favored status bestowed to its conference rival.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the Big East's 10-11 record vs. automatic qualifying conferences.

vs. Big 12: 1-0

  • Syracuse vs. West Virginia W, 38-14

vs. SEC: 4-1

  • Louisville vs. Kentucky W, 32-14

  • Rutgers vs. Arkansas W, 35-26

  • Syracuse vs. Missouri W 31-27

  • Louisville vs. Florida W, 33-23

  • Pitt vs. Ole Miss L, 38-17

vs. ACC: 5-5

  • UConn vs. NC State L, 10-7

  • Temple vs. Maryland L, 36-27

  • UConn vs. Maryland W, 24-21

  • Louisville vs. North Carolina W, 39-34

  • Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech W, 27-24

  • Pitt vs. Virginia Tech W, 35-17

  • USF vs. Florida State L, 30-17

  • USF vs. Miami L, 40-9

  • Cincinnati vs. Duke W, 38-34

  • Rutgers vs. Virginia Tech L, 13-10, OT

vs. Notre Dame: 0-1

  • Pitt vs. Notre Dame L, 29-26, 3OT

vs. Pac-12: 0-1

  • Syracuse vs. USC L, 42-29

vs. Big Ten: 0-3

  • Syracuse vs. Northwestern L, 42-41

  • Temple vs. Penn State L, 24-13

  • Syracuse vs. Minnesota L, 17-10