3-point stance: Blaming Barkley unfair?

1. One of the perks of serving on the NCAA Football Rules Committee is that your issue will be heard. As Air Force head coach and committee chair Troy Calhoun explained it Wednesday on the ESPNU College Football Podcast, the new rule calling for at least :03 on the game clock had its basis in the end of the 2012 Rose Bowl, when Wisconsin ran out of time and lost. Arkansas coach Bret Bielema, who coached the Badgers, called for a clear rule for the benefit of coaches and officials alike. The committee agreed.

2. While it’s possible that the four freshman tossed out of Alabama and off the football team could apply to re-enroll in the university, it’s safe to say they won’t play for head coach Nick Saban again. It had been nearly five years since an Alabama player had a run-in with the law and got tossed off the team. That’s what makes this incident so surprising. Saban usually weeds those guys out during recruiting.

3. You have to admire USC coach Lane Kiffin for sticking up for quarterback Matt Barkley. Kiffin said if the Trojans' defense had played well, Barkley would be more appreciated. I agree that Barkley has been assigned too much blame for the Trojans’ 7-6 record. He didn’t even play in the last two losses. He still had the second highest efficiency rating (157.6) of his four years. But Barkley also threw a career-high 15 picks. That’s pretty hard to pin on the defense.