3-point stance: Emmert seeks balance

1. NCAA president Mark Emmert’s decision to appoint a committee of 10 athletic directors to rescue the organization from the leadership of university presidents is a welcome attempt to find balance. Emmert’s well-meaning reforms have ground to a halt because of the lack of input from administrators. That problem may be solved. But it doesn’t speak to Emmert’s poor judgment in the Penn State case or the low morale that has caused a mass exodus of veteran NCAA executives.

2. The presidents wrested control of athletics from the administrators in the early 1990s after the scandal-plagued ‘80s. Some presidents evidently wrested more control than others. When Northern Colorado athletic director Jay Hinrichs resigned last week after almost nine years, university president Kay Norton appointed an interim AD -- herself. The emphasis may be on interim, which, given the climate in the NCAA, is probably just as well.

3. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is fed up with celebrity again. He tweeted Saturday night that unnamed events are “why I can’t wait to leave college station...whenever it may be.” I sympathize with Manziel. He wants to do what college kids want to do. But it seems as if his two choices are to change his attitude, and not get so upset, or to change his behavior, and not go out in public as much. Both are in his control.