3-point stance: Can't beat 'em, join 'em

1. Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury brought Matt Wallerstedt with him as co-defensive coordinator because of how the Air Force defenses that Wallerstedt coached stopped the Houston offenses that Kingsbury coordinated. “We had some of the worst games we’d ever seen going against them,” Kingsbury told me on the ESPNU College Football Podcast on Monday, “so I knew if I was ever in this position, I’d want a similar scheme.” When a coach goes to work, he just never knows who’s watching.

2. Of the 13 headlines on ESPN.com’s college football page Monday evening, six involved players who have been arrested, kicked off a team or are seeking another chance after getting booted. Nature and websites abhor a vacuum, but that can’t be the only reason that this is the time of year when these stories congregate. It’s a good thing that these incidents no longer get “handled” quietly. Student-athletes must understand there are consequences when they use violence outside the sidelines.

3. Michigan will apply dynamic pricing to single-game tickets this season, as Michael Rothstein wrote on WolverineNation. Think of airfares -- the scarcer the seat, the higher the cost. Prices range from a low of $65 for Akron to $110 for Nebraska to a high of $195 for Notre Dame. There’s a crowdsourcing poll in there somewhere. Michigan ticket buyers think more of the Irish than of Ohio State ($175).