TCU still doesn't want the attention

Posted by ESPN.com’s Graham Watson

Gary Patterson hates the spotlight, always has. And most seasons he tries anything he can to deflect it away from his TCU football team.

But when Utah and BYU suffered losses last week, the Horned Frogs became the last ranked undefeated Mountain West team and the conference’s best hope for another BCS bowl berth.

As TCU heads into a tough game against Clemson this weekend, Patterson continues to skirt questions about the BCS.

“I’ve never been one of those guys that talked about the BCS,” Patterson said. “I’ve always been, you’ve got to win your conference championship first. Like I’ve said many times, even before the season started, there’s a lot of people that sit on the podium. Every year’s a different year for the conference. We haven’t been thinking about the BCS here anyway. The biggest thing for us, we’re trying to win one game at a time.”

Luckily for Patterson, the spotlight has a couple other targets this weekend. Boise State, the favorite for the illustrious BCS bowl berth, is playing at Bowling Green, and Houston, which is 2-0 and a couple weeks removed from upsetting No. 5 Oklahoma State, hosts Texas Tech. Colorado State also becomes an interesting sideshow as it takes its 3-0 record to No. 19 BYU, which is coming off a big loss to Florida State.

As for TCU, it’s just focused on trying to knock off its second automatic qualifying team this season.

“We have an unbelievable Clemson team,” Patterson said. “They may be as talented a team as we’ve seen since Oklahoma a year ago. So, you’ve got to win a lot of football games between now and November or December to have a chance to talk about the BCS. So, for us what we’re trying to do is try to get to 3-0.”