Pac-10 power rankings


Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

No changes from last week.

1. USC -- Help me out here: Who does USC play this weekend? Ohio State? Wow. Why haven't I heard more about this one? Buckle up for this week's Game of the Century, though watching the Buckeyes struggle with THE Ohio University made many wonder if this one could transform into another Trojans romp.

2. Oregon -- There's nothing to learn from pounding Utah State. Guessing the Ducks will get tested this weekend at Purdue.

3. Arizona State -- All QB Rudy Carpenter needs to carve up up a defense is adequate time in the pocket. He'll get that this weekend against UNLV -- but will he get it in two weeks against Georgia?

4. California -- The Golden Bears bandwagon suddenly looks very appealing -- like they're offering a free seafood buffet and an open bar with business class seating. Might this trip to Maryland sneak up on them though as they, perhaps, start to admire their reflection in the mirror?

5. UCLA -- The Bruins probably weren't scared by what they saw out of BYU at Washington because they have the defense to slow the Cougars. But UCLA does have a pattern of ruining a great moment by going rear-end-over-tea-kettle shortly thereafter.

6. Arizona -- If the Wildcats turn in a third-straight beatdown, this time at a respectable New Mexico State program, then it's time to buy shares of that Mike Stoops stock that folks have been shorting the past few months.

7. Stanford -- The Cardinal is a much improved team, but Arizona State showed them how far they still have to go. No reason they can't take another step forward at TCU, though.

8. Oregon State -- I'm not going to type anything nice about the Beavers after singing about their upset potential last week earned me some mean, gloating e-mail from Penn State fans. Get back to me, Beavers, when that typical second-half surge takes place.

9. Washington -- The referees reminded Washington that there are no celebrations in college football. The officious officials need not worry, though, things are pretty dreary around this once proud program right now, and they don't figure to get better with Oklahoma headed to town.

10. Washington State -- Worst defeat in program history? It's going to be a long season in Pullman.