LSU can't get off the field on third down

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia's finally on the board thanks to Joe Cox's 1-yard touchdown pass to fullback Shaun Chapas early in the fourth quarter.

What sticks out about that drive, the Bulldogs' only one of the game, is that LSU couldn't get any pressure on Cox. Really, the Tigers haven't pressured him much all game. They did get close to sacking him right before the end of the third quarter, but Cox made the play of the game when he shoveled the ball off to Caleb King on third-and-6 for 10 yards down to the 1.

Four times in that drive, the Tigers were burned on third down, and one of those was a third-and-10 play.

A big part of LSU's inability to get off the field has been its inability to get to Cox.