APR scores show widening gap

The "Haves" of college athletics -- also known as the BCS conferences, the Big 5, or my personal preference, the PowerBall 5 -- are getting ready to separate themselves from the "Have Nots," with a vote for autonomy among the hot agenda items facing the NCAA this summer.

The truth, of course, is that they've already separated themselves in every way, a delineation made all the more clear on Wednesday when the NCAA released its latest Academic Progress Rate (APR) information.

The good news is that across the board, college teams are doing better in the classroom -- overall APR is up two points from a year ago, including a five-point rise for men's basketball and a two-point jump for football.

Still, 36 teams failed to reach the 930 APR threshold and will face a postseason ban.

That sounds bad, and it is. But the real devil, as it usually is, is in the details.

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