Watch: Player plays dead during fake punt

Arkansas State Player Plays Dead (0:27)

Instead of running a route during Arkansas State's fake punt attempt, Booker Mays did something a little different and played dead, falling to the ground. See if the unusual play call worked for the Red Wolves. (0:27)

Just when you think you've seen it all on a football field, something like this comes along.

On a Saturday full of wild action, the Arkansas State-Miami game slipped off the radar. That's too bad, because the world deserved to watch live as the Red Wolves -- who have already given us plenty of laughs this season with their unintentional tribute to a beloved movie dad -- attempted one of the most hilarious fake punts we've ever seen.

The play went horribly awry (the punter's pass was intercepted), but not without a valiant effort by ASU's Booker Mays, who played dead in an apparent attempt to distract the Hurricanes. Despite his best acting, that didn't work either -- and he paid for it once he rose to his feet. Trust us, you'll want to see this: