3-point stance: Poisoning trees no prank

1.Pranks are one thing. What has happened at Auburn is no prank. Here’s hoping that the poisoning of the oaks at Toomer’s Corner will make every Alabama and Auburn fan rethink how they feel about the rivalry and realize how much they need each other. And here’s hoping that anyone venal, juvenile and mentally deficient enough to commit such an act is also stupid enough to brag about it and get caught. I’d say that’s a pretty good bet.

2.So Kevin Rogers goes from coaching Brett Favre to Chase Rettig. The former Vikings quarterback coach is the new Boston College offensive coordinator, a coup for the Eagles. Rogers knows the northeast -- he coached Marvin Graves and Donovan McNabb at Syracuse -- and he also coached at Notre Dame and Virginia Tech. If Rogers unlocks Rettig’s potential, Boston College will challenge Florida State and Clemson in the ACC Atlantic.

3.Rogers coached with Billy Hite at Virginia Tech. So has every other assistant who has passed through Blacksburg since the late ‘70s. Overshadowed by the announcement that Shane Beamer left South Carolina’s staff to coach the running backs for his dad Frank at Virginia Tech -- which is way cool -- is the fact that he replaces Hite, who has sent 25 running backs to the NFL and puts a smile on everybody’s face. The good news is that Hite isn’t going far -- he’ll remain as a consigliere to Frank Beamer.