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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Most recent juco signings? No surprises

By David Ubben

High school players can begin signing today, but the vast majority of them won't make an impact until much later in their careers.

That's not the case for junior college transfers, who could begin signing back in December and preparing to begin their careers at FBS schools.

The Birmingham News compiled the numbers on every school's juco transfers over the past four years, and the Big 12 is a major player. Of the six major conferences, the Big 12 signed the most junior college players on average over that period, with 13.8 signings per team.

The Big 12 has two outliers. Texas, who doesn't bother with junior college players, was one of 12 teams without a juco signee in the past four years. Kansas State, known for mining junior colleges under Bill Snyder and Ron Prince, signed more than any other program in college football, with 39. That's four more than anyone else in college football and 13 more than anyone else in the Big 12.

Here's how the league shook out from the 2006 to 2010 classes:
1. Kansas State - 39

2. Iowa State - 26

3. Oklahoma State - 17

4. Baylor - 15

5. Nebraska - 14

6. Texas Tech - 12

7. Kansas - 11

7. Missouri - 11

9. Oklahoma - 8

9. Colorado - 8

11. Texas A&M - 4

12. Texas - 0