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Friday, September 4, 2009
Morning after thoughts from Boise State

Posted by’s Graham Watson

BOISE, Idaho -- As the traditional crowd chant of “overrated” started to fill Bronco Stadium at the end of Thursday’s 19-8 Boise State win over Oregon, all I could think was it was so true.

The "epic" matchup between No. 14 Boise State and No. 16 Oregon was supposed to be a classic way to start the season. Instead it was a rocky Boise State team beating up on a dysfunctional Oregon team in a game that ended with punches being thrown.

The game was epic, but more for its postgame melee than the play on the field.

How many believed Oregon was a Top 10 team let alone Top 20 is beyond me, and a glaring example of why preseason polls are ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, Boise State played well -- at times -- but Oregon was not the competition that the Broncos had been preparing for all summer, which was mildly disappointing.

Here are a couple things I took away from the game:
It’s unfortunate that this game will mostly be remembered because of the fist of Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount. His actions are still shocking, and let’s be honest, Boise State’s Byron Hout wasn’t guiltless in the altercation. Chris Petersen was pulling him away for a reason when Blount sucker-punched him. There have been a lot of words since last year’s game and it boiled over into a terrible situation. It will be interesting to see if any punishment is handed down on the Boise State side.

But fisticuffs aside, Boise State should be proud of its effort and relived to get the first one under its belt. There’s no doubt that this will only paint a big blue bulls-eye on the Broncos’ backs for the rest of the season, but how is that any different than past seasons?