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Friday, January 27, 2012
Weeden: Senior Bowl's top stock riser

By David Ubben

Rain washed out Thursday's practices at the Senior Bowl, but former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden Insider topped our scouts' list of players whose stock went up during the week. Insider
Weeden came into the week with the opportunity to show he has the skills to become a starter in the NFL and that he is better than the other five quarterbacks in attendance, including Arizona's Nick Foles, who grades out in the same late-first- or early-second-round area. From the first practice, Weeden was confident and seemed to embrace the opportunity. ...

We didn't see many differences between Foles and Weeden on tape, but watching them go head-to-head this week, it's hard to imagine anyone walking away thinking Foles is the better quarterback. The age question still remains, though. Weeden will be a 29-year-old rookie and that could make a difference. Is he the next Chris Weinke, who struggled from a talent standpoint after spending several years playing minor league baseball? Or is Weeden going to be a late bloomer like Kurt Warner, who did not become a full-time starter until he was 29 and went on to play 10 more seasons after that?

He'll be a fascinating rookie to watch, but from my perspective, it's easy to imagine at least one NFL front office convincing themselves that Weeden is the latter option. That could mean Weeden hears his name in the second round ... or earlier.