Vegas likes Washington but not Pac-12 in 2016

Las Vegas is many things, but one thing it isn't is clouded with sentimentality or individual biases. So when it projects win totals for Power 5 teams vying for spots in the College Football Playoff, it's reasonable to raise at the very least a curious eyebrow.

As it is, Vegas Insider -- under the title "2016 South Point College Football Win Totals" -- projects four Power 5 conference teams with 10 or more wins, whereby observers can then decide whether they prefer an over or an under.

Those four teams:

ACC: Clemson 10.5

Big 12: Oklahoma 10

Big Ten: Michigan 10

SEC: Alabama 10

While it wouldn't be entirely accurate to view that as Vegas projecting the four CFP teams in 2016, it's not an illogical conclusion.

Whither the Pac-12?

Well, it looks, per Vegas, as though the Pac-12 will be sitting out the CFP for a second consecutive year. No team is projected to win more than nine games, and the team Vegas favors in the Pac-12 might surprise you.

Yes, that would be Washington (Oregon fans chime in ... 3... 2... oh, they're already going crazy).

Understand that Vegas isn't saying that the Huskies are the best Pac-12 team, only that it projects the Huskies schedule to provide nine wins. Things might be different if Washington faced the tougher slates of, say, USC or Stanford.

As for everyone else, UCLA and Stanford are projected to win 8.5 games, just behind the Huskies, while eight teams are projected as winning at least six games, thereby becoming bowl eligible.

The four projected to post losing records? Arizona State (5), California (4), Colorado (4.5) and Oregon State (3.5).

Here are the Pac-12 win total projections.

Arizona 6

Arizona State 5

California 4

Colorado 4.5

Oregon 8

Oregon State 3.5

Stanford 8.5

UCLA 8.5

USC 7.5

Utah 7.5

Washington 9

Washington State 7.5

And, of course, this is all for entertainment purposes only.